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Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister, Rescue Pup Mom and hat lover!  I'm not too fussy about food but I'm really fussy about kindness and manners.  I teach my kids to hold the door for people,  to always say Please and Thank You and to love fiercely.  I love Tinker Bell and would love to fly over Sleeping Beauty's Castle.   Let me tell you more.  We may have some things in common.

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Disneyland Wedding Photographer

Disneyland Wedding Photographer | Donna Thompson Photography

Disney’s Fairy Tale Wedding Venue

The Rose Court Garden at The Disneyland Hotel

Disneyland Rose Court Garden gazebo with an aisle and white chairs

You are Dreaming of a Disney Fairy Tale Wedding and I am excited to be your Disneyland Wedding Photographer.

The Rose Court Garden at the Disneyland Hotel is my favorite outdoor venue of the Disney Wedding Venues in Southern California.   When in season, there are about 500 live Rose bushes in bloom.   However, you will love the venue at any time of year.  It is spectacular with its secluded greenery and wide, expansive lawns.  The classic and cute white gazebo is elevated for your guests to have fantastic views of you and your partner exchanging vows.  Above all and you, the center of the gazebo has a lit chandelier draped with live roses.

Disneyland Wedding Carriage with Footman and glass slipper

This is the only venue outside of the Disneyland Park where Cinderella’s Crystal Coach will transport you to your Grand Wedding Entrance.  At the hotel, there are nice wide pathways and this round courtyard designed for the Coach to wait for you and your prince or princess.  It whisks the two of you off to your reception but the magic does not stop there either!  Above all, The Coach comes with your very own livery-clad footman.

Cinderella's Glass Slipper photographed by Donna Thompson Photography

The Glass Slipper

The Footman is the perfect addition to your Fairy Tale Day!  Just look at the Glass Slipper.  With some Pixie Dust and Magic, the Glass Slipper stands ready for you just like Cinderella.

Cinderella's Carriage decorated in Roses and the Glass slipper


Woman playing a harp in the Rose Court Garden

I love Details!

The atmosphere for your ceremony is beautiful already but think of how it’s transformed into magical when you add a harpist.  For me, this added touch of whimsy, and magic is a calming presence, plus, not going to lie, these florals win me over every single time I see them.  And, if you choose the lanterns and the Boho throw rugs, you have a truly magical place for your ceremony.

Wedding Ceremony space on a lawn with white chairs set up for a wedding

Today’s wedding is set up to accommodate approximately 70 guests. However, it can accommodate up to 350 guests including the Couple.

Disneyland Wedding Photographer showing the wedding venue in the garden

Your Fairy Tale Wedding on a Disney Property is a dream job for me.   Plus, My Dreams of being a Disney Wedding Photographer are the perfect match for your Fairy Tale.   Contact Disney Weddings, California for details on planning your ceremony and reception. Contact Me, Donna, for your photography Dreams!





Disneyland Wedding Photographer