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Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister, Rescue Pup Mom and hat lover!  I'm not too fussy about food but I'm really fussy about kindness and manners.  I teach my kids to hold the door for people,  to always say Please and Thank You and to love fiercely.  I love Tinker Bell and would love to fly over Sleeping Beauty's Castle.   Let me tell you more.  We may have some things in common.

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Disney Engagement Photographer | Anne & Gerald’s Disneyland Engagement Session


Disneyland Engagement Pictures

Man and woman engagement photography session with couple walking away from the Mickey Mouse Ferris Wheel at Disneyland

I can’t imagine anything more magical than having your engagement photos taken at The Happiest Place on Earth?   I would have loved having Disney Engagement Photos!  Who am I kidding, even though Kevin and I have been married for a while, and I’m a Disney Engagement Photographer, I’m still up for it!

Ellie & Carl & Their Disney Engagement Photographer

Anne, Gerald and I had a blast during our first session together on a beautiful evening at Disney’s California Adventure.  These two have been friends for many years.  They were college friends, colleagues and then besties way before this evening.  I instantly fell

 in love with their use of the Disney Movie “Up!” as their inspiration for their first Engagement Session.   That’s right, there is a second session to come!

Ellie, aka, Anne is wearing a cheery yellow top, classic white slacks and cool turquoise shoes with sky blue Minnie Mouse Ears topped off with teeny, tiny little balloons inside the bow.  All of the detail and color perfectly fits Anne’s personality to a tee!  I don’t know anyone more adventuresome and ready to try new things, than Anne.  Carl, aka, Gerald is the perfect combination of fun with his colorful plaid button down shirt topped off with a bow tie and capped off with his “Grape Soda” badge (did you catch my little pun there:).  Gerald fits the part of a cool, calm, and collected man ready for some silly fun.


Woman straightening mans tie at Disneyland in front of the ferris wheel at Engagement Photography Session.Man and Woman at Disneyland Engagement Picture session walking away from the Pixar Pier

Adventure is out there!

These two took to being photographed at the Pixar Pal-A-Round ferris wheel like pros.  They were happy to skip along the boardwalk at Paradise Pier and Pal around at the bandstand.  When I asked them to twirl around and giggle, they were happy to do so.  That’s what these two and their session gave to me…so much joy!  The motto of the whole session is something all Pixar fans will know and something we should all embrace.  “Adventure is out there!Blue, Purple, green and red Mickey Mouse Balloons at Disneyland.Woman standing at the rail in front of Mickey Mouse Ferris wheel. Photographer Donna Thompson wearing overalls and a Tinker Bell purse.




I was so excited to be their personal Disney Engagement Photographer for this session in Disney’s California Adventure.   Anne and Gerald made my day by asking me  to help them with engagement session at Disneyland Park.  That’s me with my Favorite Tinker Bell Purse✨