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Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister, Rescue Pup Mom and hat lover!  I'm not too fussy about food but I'm really fussy about kindness and manners.  I teach my kids to hold the door for people,  to always say Please and Thank You and to love fiercely.  I love Tinker Bell and would love to fly over Sleeping Beauty's Castle.   Let me tell you more.  We may have some things in common.

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Disneyland Engagement Photos

Magical Disneyland Engagement Photos

Disneyland & Disney World Photos

The most Magical place for your Engagement Session is Disneyland, of course! If you’re a Romantic and a Disney Lover too, I can’t think of a better spot for your Disney Engagement Photos than at either Disneyland or Walt Disney World. I love any sessions at the theme parks but I’m especially fond of Disneyland Engagement Sessions!

Let me introduce you to Tina and Jared.  We planned this early morning Disneyland Engagement Session, so that we could capitalize on beautiful light, smaller crowds and Magical experiences.  What we didn’t expect was to be photo bombed by an unexpected character.

Engaged Man and Woman in Disneyland at Engagement Photo Session

Engaged Man and Woman at Snow White's Grotto

We started out at Snow White’s Wishing Well with that beautiful light.  If you haven’t seen Snow White’s Grotto, you should make the trip to Fantasyland through the east side of the castle to see it.  The statues were a gift to Walt Disney from an Italian sculpture.  They were placed in Disneyland in 1961.   While Tina and Jared were at the well, we could hear the song “I’m Wishing” sung by Adriana Caselotti who was the original voice of the song in the 1937.  Do you see Prince Eric in the background?

Disneyland Engagement Photos

Sleeping Beauty’s Castle

We all know and love the beauty of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle from down Main Street, but have you ever looked closely at the stones used to build her?  The color and texture are stunning and that’s what we used as our background for Tina and Jared’s next images.  I also love the topiary trees that Disney is famous for decorating with.



Gaston Photobombs Disneyland Engagement Photos

Here’s where the surprise happened!  I set up a distance away from Tina and Jared for a full length photo when someone started talking to me and posing my couple.  It turned out that Gaston was the voice of the person directing me and my couple.  He proceeded to hype Jared up and remind him to eat his eggs if he wanted to be strong for his lady.  It was exciting to watch Tina and Jared have a one on one with conversation with Gaston!


Disney Engagement Photos with Gaston of Beauty and the Beast

Surprise from Gaston at Disneyland Engagement Session

Sleeping Beauty and Prince Philip with engagement ring

Sleeping Beauty Mural in Disneyland at Engagement Photos with Man and Woman

I would love the opportunity to photograph your Disney Engagement Session and your stunning Disneyland Wedding.  Let’s Talk!



Disneyland Castle Engagement Photos with Man and Woman